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Does Backyard Cinemas host indoor and outdoor events?


Yes! We bring the complete cinema experience indoors and outdoors. Arcade setups only available indoors at this time.

When does indoor season start?

November 30th 2022 and will run all year round!

When does outdoor season start?

April 1 and runs through early November.


Can I do an outdoor event in the winter?

Winter outdoor event hosts must provide proof of heating before our site walk. Proof includes ownership of heating lamps, invoice for a rental or a method deemed satisfactory by Backyard Cinemas Operations.

How many people can your concessions accommodate at a screening?


Our concession stand serves up 12 people. If you are interested in serving more than this, a charge of $79 is added to your bill per 12 additional guests. For more than 48 guests, go with a tailgate or bundle package!

What content can we watch?

For HOME BACKYARD/LOT EVENTS, your party can stream any title from a streaming service as long as you have access to it. If you choose to rent a movie, there is an additional rental fee. If you have any special requests, such as a sporting event, home video, or more, we are happy to work with you.


For PUBLIC EVENTS, we work with a distribution company to acquire licensing for every film we screen. This applies to anywhere outside on an individual's private property. This rule applies to schools, camps, religious spaces, lake clubs, parking lots and fairs/festivals. Backyard Cinemas strictly adheres to all U.S. content distribution laws. There are absolutely no exceptions to content screening charges as this is determined by the film studio.

Content selection by the time of the Kick-Off meeting 10 days prior to your event.

What games can we play?

Players may use on their own system or a Backyard Cinemas system, depending on package selection. Some hosts may want to play games using their saved profile. This can only be done on your console! We recommend party games that allow as many people to participate as possible. Add on our Classic Arcade machine for twice the fun at the same time.

What happens if it rains during my outdoor event?


We are happy to reschedule your outdoor event or provide a refund of your deposit. If there is inclement weather in the forecast, we will notify you 72 hours prior to your event. Our team reserves the right to cancel any event due to inclement weather if there is heavy rain, high winds, or thunder within 3 hours of the event start. If you would like to rebook, we will hold your $149 deposit.


What is the cancellation policy? 


You must inform us within 10 days of the event to guarantee a refund of your $149 deposit. Any late cancellations will result in a forfeiture of deposit fee. Inclement weather for outdoor events is the only exception to this policy.

Can we customize our package?

Our team is happy to assist with any special request. We also offer add-ons like screen upgrades, lighting packages, food vendors and custom giveaways! We can tailor any package to the specific needs of your party. Please reach out at for more info!

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